Friday, September 24, 2010

Residence for Charles Germain

This large Shingle Style home was commissioned by lawyer Charles Germain and is located along Buffalo's "Millionaire's Row", Delaware Avenue.  It is one of several opulent homes by Silsbee & Marling in this affluent section of Buffalo.   It is a huge home with a brick first story and shingles on the two stories above.
Despite many alterations, the home has many decorative features intact, including bands of foliate carved wood trim and a roughcast clad cove below the front gable.  The brick work and stone detailing are also exceptional.  
The original plan called for a more complex series of interior an exterior spaces at the main entry and directly above it.  An excellent view of the home, soon after it was first built, along with other Silsbee & Marling structures, can be seen on this website devoted to the work of architectural photographer C. D. Arnold.


tim said...

Do you know how Silsbee's design for The Church of the Good Shepherd differed from that executed by Marling & Burdett?

Chris said...

Yes, there is only a tiny fraction of my research on this site. Wish some of Silsbee's churches had survived. They seemed like such remarkable structures.