Sunday, September 25, 2011

Frederick Baylies Residence Update

I have been wrestling with the idea of how and whether or not to do updates to the blog.  Knowing that by the nature of architecture and history that things change with time, I knew that updating individual entries might be a possibility.  My initial thought was to create individual posts for each commission and perhaps update those as I went along.  I have changed my mind and now, instead of changing the initial entry, I've decided to leave them as they were and to add new updates separately so that new notions about the history of a structure of any changes in in the physical status of a structure can be memorialized.

The first update I have is a positive one.  While in Highland Park looking at other Silsbee homes, I decided to take a ride by the Frederick Baylies Residence.  The last time I saw it, it had received a terrible new roof job and was generally not looking so great.  Much to my surprise, the home has been completely transformed.   
The wood roof has been put back on and skylights have been removed.  The stucco has been re-done and the windows have been replaced.  I bemoan the replacement of the original windows and the heavy compound trim around them but overall, this homeowner should be congratulated on the remarkable transformation that has happened under their stewardship. 
For those that have a hard time toggling between this post and the original one, you can compare the transformation withe the photo below.  Even the new landscaping has added so much to this gem.  

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