Friday, February 12, 2016

Upcoming Lecture and Tour about Silsbee in the 1890's and his work in Polo, Illinois

Join me on March 3rd in Oak Park for a lecture on Silsbee's work after the World's Columbian Exposition, with a special focus on what he did in Polo, Illinois. It is a common belief that Silsbee's production slowed after the 1880's and that it diminished in quality. What I will be presenting will show nothing but the contrary. Silsbee maintained an active profession, executing beautifully designed and well-crafted projects throughout the 1890's. Most of the research and many of the images I will be presenting are unique and have never been presented before. If you have an interest in the World's Fair, Pittsburgh, Polo and residential architecture in America in the 1890's, this should be worth checking out.

For more information about the lecture series, CLICK HERE.

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